Guessing on tea

Guessing on tea
 About guesswork heard everything, but tell fortunes on tea guessed a few. Although this method of divination has many, many years, and the Chinese give it very important for determining future events. Well, let's try?

Guessing on tea may not be as popular as guesswork, but it has its own charm, especially if you do not put coffee. Fans of this method to know the fate of claim beverage brewing method that does not matter, although the larger the tea leaves, the better. Therefore, loose tea is needed, but not in convenient bags, although some manage to "tell fortunes" on them, but that's not serious.

Best in heated teapot to pour a couple of teaspoons of black leaf tea and pour boiling water by closing lid. The tea drinkers who are wondering, thinking about what he wants to know. When the drink is drunk until the end, it is necessary to shake the cup. This is the European method of divination on tea.

Although there is a certain interpretation of the resulting characters, you first need to address the key issues. The handle of the cup is a symbol for anyone wondering, his family, work and home. This is the starting point of divination, it should be located to the left of Gad.

Time upcoming events depends on where the sign denoting it. If the character has appeared on the edge of the cup, he talks about the present tense. At the bottom are signs that say about the events, the implementation of which will not soon. Thus, the lower is the symbol, the more time what he says, and the closer it is to the handle, the sooner will come true predicted. Diviner should hold the cup does not get too close to me: it is better perceived symbols.

Although now there are many methods of interpretation, most trust worthy ancient Chinese divination, proven over centuries. Chinese tea give a special meaning: interacting with the energy of water, it helps to reveal the spiritual potential of the human subconscious making visible secret signs. Here, tea is brewed directly into the cup and saucer covered. Guess the full cup, although the interpretation of symbols is almost the same with the European method.

When one tealeaf remains on the surface of the drink on the left and two on the right, it symbolizes success in work, love and money matters. Two surfaced from various quarters and one tea leaves, remaining almost at the bottom of the cup - not a good sign. Can a quarrel with her beloved, trouble at work, emotional problems.

When a pair of elongated tea leaves to join the ends, and the left side on the surface of a wide range two particles, which means that the circumstances are not very favorable for anyone wondering. While this may portend good luck in love. But the service and in finance ups are expected. When all the grounds remained on the bottom, just two lonely tea leaves are raised up, it is also an omen solve problems in his personal life, but their appearance in business. And traveling, one should beware of losing things.

If all the pieces of the tea rose thick, so the water does not reach the boiling point, and in the life to happiness too far away. Apparently, it depends on what people hurried, brewing a drink, and therefore can not control their lives because of nervousness. We must take himself in hand, proceed with caution, otherwise you fail in everything. But to bet money you can not in any case.

When one pops tealeaf half cup, and two or three detached from the whole welding, which lies at the bottom - it's very good. Good luck on all fronts: in love is guaranteed a new surge in violence resolved all conflicts, and at work may increase. And the money will be all right.

If there is no time to brew tea, you can resort to interactive divination on the Internet. Colorful game, perhaps not accurately know the future, but to reflect on the search for solutions to their problems necessarily make.

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