Everything about Christmas divination

Everything about Christmas divination
 Christmas divination - a way to learn their fate at the same time have fun in the winter holidays. It is in the New Year I want to make a wish that will come true in the near future.
 Divination appeared in ancient times, as even then humanity would like to know the future (what happened to them, what events will occur in the world and in their personal lives). Individuals from birth had the gift of foresight, so they asked for help. For society, it is the chosen people, who respected and revered. Christmas divination became a common custom during the celebration of the New Year. As a rule, they are held in the evening and at night when the silence and the glow of candles.

Know your future is possible by means of paper that needs to be set on fire and watch the shadows. In the presence of imagination and careful observation there are various figures in which there are fragments of a future life. Also occurs divination with wax, for which you want to melt the candle and pour the liquid wax into cold water. Of frozen figurines can read their fate (Horseshoe - happiness, the star - the news, the cross - death, etc.).

More serious Christmas divination considered methods using mirrors. For example, a fairly common variant of divination is gazing in the mirror after a carafe of water. Thus it is necessary to take three candles and place on different sides around the carafe. Usually arising silhouettes - are fragments of the future life.

It should be noted that for an hour to midnight to write cherished desire on paper, and at the first stroke to ignite it. If the paper has time to fire up the final blow, the desire is likely to be fulfilled.

Christmas divination are a tradition, but do not take seriously the possible consequences (especially negative). Very often, after the prediction of unpleasant things and events people negatively configures itself and ceases to enjoy the happy moments of life.

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