Divination on the night of Ivan Kupala

Divination on the night of Ivan Kupala
 In the framework of this holiday and went to Christian and pagan traditions. The Orthodox Church celebrated (and still celebrates) at the time the birth of John the Baptist, and the Pagans celebrated on the night of 6 July 7, the day of Ivan Kupala. Historically so that the two religions are often combined in one, and hence such a popular holiday Kupala. Celebrated its fun: do not sleep all night, throwing consecrated herbs and flowers in rivers and lakes, looking for blooming fern, which, according to legend, could indicate treasures bathed naked and, of course, anyone's guess.

The most favorite of divination on the night of Ivan Kupala - a divination to narrow-masks, for the future, a desire. For example, girls make wreaths on the eve of the field and forest flowers, and in the evening make a wish and let go with a wreath on the river. If it swims away, the desire to be true, if a bit floats and hit the beach - good luck to be expected.

Other divination: the fire is, and youth jumping over him. If the flame is not affected hopping, it promises guys luck in love and business, and the girls - getting married soon.

Guess also in circles on the water. At sunset in a wide bowl pour the water, whispering to her his desire and thrown into the water a small pebble. If the number of circles on the water is odd, the desire to be fulfilled, even if - will come true.

You can tell fortunes on Midsummer health ones. To do this, collect one blade of grass bearberry for each family member. Whose blade of grass wither first of waiting for the disease in the coming year, but one whose blade stays fresh for a long time to be healthy.

Perhaps one of the most interesting of divination - divination by color. On the eve of the girls collect different colors, and is closer to sunset sit in a circle and choose the top. One of the girls gets a flower and asks who will get it. Another sitting with his back to the flowers, calls the name of someone in the audience. Each flower has a specific meaning, which also talks about the future of Gad. For example, cornflower is a quick love, bell - deception, marigolds - separation from a loved one. There is also a belief that if the night of Midsummer put a pillow under seven different colors, make sure you had a prophetic dream.

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