Christmas divination: that the coming year

Christmas divination: that the coming year
 On the calendar on December 31 was replaced by January 1st. Clock struck, the champagne drunk, Olivier and suckling pig eaten. What to do with the guests? You can go to the street - to congratulate all counterclaims, acquaintances and strangers, and you can tell fortunes, to find out what the audience prepared for the coming year.
 Christmas divination do not have such a long tradition as Christmas or the Christmas divination. But, nevertheless, January 1 - it is a day that has a very powerful energy. He is like a door opening into a new time, a new year, and possibly a new life. And what's behind this door? I want to know so that already captures the spirit. And come to the aid of divination Christmas.

So, guessing the former. Alas, it is not appropriate to residents of the southern regions, seeing the snow once in 2-3 years, and frosts and even rarer. For the inhabitants of the middle band and northern regions it will have to be just right.

Take a dish and pour water into it. For a few hours (preferably overnight), set the bowl in the cold, underneath her scarlet paper or cloth. After the water turns into ice, evaluate the results. So, smooth ice surface will say that the coming year will take place smoothly, without shocks and abrupt changes. And if you bought the ice kind of roller coaster, it portends a rich and abundant year. Frozen wavy surface warns about troubled times, and depression - about future troubles, which have to be prepared.

In Poland, the use of another New Year's divination. Tell fortunes in Polish for the coming year is not difficult. Need to pour into a bowl of water, and then find a candle and old key with a wide eye. Melted wax is poured through the eyelet on the key water and then wax formed on its surface, to judge events of the coming year.

But, perhaps, the most common New Year's divination is questioning shadows. For it will take a few sheets of paper (newspapers can), candle, baking tray or iron. Each of those present shall crush your piece of paper, then the crumpled piece is placed on a tray and ignited. When the paper burn, ashes carefully without disturbing the structure, bring to a wall and illuminated by a candle to get a shadow. The shape of the shadow is judged that the owner has prepared a year of burnt piece of paper.

Of course, we should not too serious about divination, but in any case, it is - a good way to entertain the entire company gathered to celebrate New Year fun and worthy to hold the old. A fun that night - the key to a carefree life all coming year.

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