Good tires and wheels create a feeling of comfort and safety during the trip. Online shop allows you to easily and quickly find the necessary data model of the goods and get them as soon as possible.
 In the online store ( you can find a great selection of wheels and tires of different models and sizes. The range includes trucks, tires, tires for motorcycles, wheels, motor oil and pressure washers. Here you can also find car, autorefrigerators, Seat Covers, DVRs, GPS-navigators, and more. The most demanding customer will be able to choose the online store wheels and tires desired motor vehicles of high quality.

The official website of online store have a convenient directory that allows customers to quickly and easily navigate a large range of products offered. Buy tires and wheels in the store possible without going out of the house. Simply go to the site and choose your favorite model of the goods.

7 years of successful online store wheels and tires shows the high quality of products sold and the constant care of their customers. The buyer has the right to replace any product from an online store if it was discovered a manufacturing defect.

In the online store wheels and tires constantly the system of discounts on certain types of goods. At a discounted price, you can buy winter and summer tires, stamped and alloy wheels, as well as products of incomplete assembly for a spare wheel. Explore the list of discounted products here - Also in store service is provided pre-order the right product.

Convenient system of payment and delivery allows you to easily buy tires and wheels online store - To give money for the selected item when you receive it, you can by cash, bank transfer or instant payments through a network of terminals QIWI. For legal entities operating as a system of non-cash transfer of funds, making the purchase of tires and wheels online store convenient and reliable.

Delivery of goods from the online store wheels and tires ( performed throughout Russia. Get technique can be purchased and by ex, a pre-agreed date and time with the managers of the company. Issuance bought tires at the address: Moscow, Rubtsovskaya embankment, 3S1.

For more information on store, services and product range, please call: (495) 229- 339-0 or (800) 200-339-0. As well as e-mail Legal address of the shop: Ul. Koshtoyants, 33.

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