Can divination spoil relations

Can divination spoil relations
 Turning to the fortune-teller, the man always hesitant to do so. Trying to find my future, to hear predictions have long been recognized as sin. It is believed that one can "miscalculate" your destiny. Like it or not, it is not known, but the relationship may suffer as a result.
 Initially, people do not know how the rest of his life, and he becomes interesting - what will happen next. Turning to the fortune-teller, he more or less trust her, listening to her words. In this case, it does not matter which way happens if divination and professional fortuneteller. When the man left, he her - for a while he thought about the prediction, discussing with friends. And the more he thinks about it, the more said and calculates the different options, the more he programs his future life.

For example, a fortune teller predicted the imminent parting girl with a young man. Despite the fact that relations between the couple beautiful and there is no sign of discord, she starts to think about it, discuss with friends. In search of the shortcomings it closely eyeing the young man, and what had seemed funny and forgiven, now began to look serious. Scattered socks, later returning to work, unwashed cup - nitpicking annoying man, lead to quarrels and parting.

It would seem that fortune teller was right - the separation occurred. But in fact, the event could develop differently, whether the behavior of the other girls. Fortune teller gave impetus to the development of relations his, and the weaker and more susceptible person, the more he will follow a predetermined "program". Facing the choice, she favored that option, which contributed to performance prediction.

To avoid predicted as a result of divination of events, it is necessary to actively influence their lives. Tirelessly to refute the prediction does not go with the flow, constantly build another chain of events. If there is a feeling - the relationship can and should be saved, but you need to constantly work. I do not notice the small flaws, forgiving flaws, try to give more than take, talk about their love - and your relationship will be strong and long.

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