Absurd and weird laws about sex in different countries

Absurd and weird laws about sex in different countries
 Sex - the most intimate pleasure of all. To keep it secret, since ancient times in all countries to adopt strict laws on observance of certain rules in order to preserve the religious tradition. Now, these laws seem to get out of control and at times is a real nonsense.

The state and society are trying to build our personal lives by moral laws. Most of them are rooted in the religion of our ancestors. These laws are passed to us through genetic memory, and usually do not cause any misunderstandings or resentment. For example, in Russia traditionally recognized only monogamous marriages, because in ancient times it was established the Christian religion. In eastern countries, by contrast, allowed polygamy, but polygamy by women is unacceptable.

Life does not stand still occur sexual revolution, which lead to the emancipation of social consciousness, including the release of many intimate desires. In today's world, the question of the plurality of wives is not as prevalent as, for example, the registration of same-sex marriage. Each country has to consider its attitude to this phenomenon and to make a choice in favor of a law.

But there are some laws about sex that often cause confusion in people, and sometimes laughter.
If you want to make a gift to the significant other and go on a romantic trip, be careful in hotels: some sexual games can lead to serious consequences. For example, in South Dakota, US law prohibits sex on the floor and in the hotels of Israel can not even look pornokanaly, otherwise you can go to jail for 3 years! In hotels Nebraska before sex need to wear a clean nightgown, Hungary - turn off the lights and extinguish candles.

In Ireland, you will not find condoms - in this Christian country believed that sex only for begetting children. A similar attitude to condoms and in the state of Connecticut. But in Washington and Nevada sex without a condom is illegal.

Sexy pose the same subject to strict regulations: Washington allowed only the missionary position, and the man can not kiss a woman's breast. In Massachusetts, a woman can not have sex in a pose rider. Connecticut laws prohibit kissing sleeping woman, and in Connecticut do not kiss his wife on Sunday. In Arizona illegally kept in the house for more than two falloimmitator.

Sexy appearance as well subject to strict control by the authorities. In Ohio, women are prohibited from wearing patent leather shoes, as they may reflect underwear. In China illegally to look at naked legs dressed woman, while contemplation absolutely naked body is not subject to the ban. On the beaches of Italy, you can show off your bare only beautiful slim woman: in Tropea police watch, that fat and ugly ladies were dressed. And in Palermo can sunbathe naked all the fair sex, while men are required to cover their nakedness, not always verifiable. In Thailand, for the same skinny dipping could be imprisoned.

Sometimes we have difficulty understanding someone else's mentality and the reasons which led to the adoption of a law. However, we must respect other people's traditions and learn about them before you cross the border of another state.

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