The fate of a person's life

The fate of a person's life
 Man since ancient times interested in the question of the fate. Predestination, blind fate, divine providence, karma - or that the description and the name of destiny can be found in science, religion, astrology or magical practices. Search of his destiny can capture all thoughts of a man, and whether to look for what and so predestined? Or is it possible to influence it?

For the fate of the ancient Slavs - it's rock. He can not resist, everything will happen exactly as it should happen all always and only the magician can somehow influence the fate. The same mean and antique fate. A person can only accept and wait for the inevitable happened.

In religious confessions his view on the question of destiny. So, in Orthodoxy there is only God's providence and predestination, ie in humans, of course, there is the final, the resulting fate to be in hell or in heaven, but at the same time it also has a choice throughout his life to strive for good or for evil. And this choice is perfectly free man. The truth is God's Providence, by which God can guide a person in one direction or another, thereby pushing him to salvation.

In Islam, the fate of all is simple. Everything happens exactly as God decides. Allah wills to ensure that the person was a sinner or a saint, then so be it. Edit or is not possible to predict. A Muslim can only accept and hope that Allah will decide that he is worthy of paradise, regardless of the sinlessness of his life.

Buddhism accepts fate as karma. This series of repetitive life, for which a person must redeem your karma and achieve complete nirvana, ie complete dissolution of the Buddha. But to find out what will be the next incarnation and when will the karma is not given to anyone.

Unlike religion, science does not accept the theory of fate as such, replacing it with the natural laws of the physical world that are inevitable and can not be modified. From the point of view of some religions may not commit incomprehensible wonders, in the form of cure for deadly diseases, the science says that if a person is terminally ill - will surely die, amputated part of the body will not grow. And death shall not be for him nothing but the decomposition of the buried body.

Astrology and magic recognize the existence of fate. And both say that a person can change his life only in certain, so to speak, the key points if it will be enough for this energy, strength, desire, etc. It is these moments and seek to predict the magicians and astrologers calculate.

So is it possible to change their destiny, if we have this need? It is believed that yes - it is possible. Enough to change their attitude to themselves, to other people and the world at large, to create healthy habits at home, perhaps to change their place of residence, work or move to another city. For radical changes in the life and work have more: move to live in another country, or completely change the name.

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