Meaning of the name Alexander

Meaning of the name Alexander
 The origin of this name has Greek roots. It is derived from "Alex" and "Andros". Value - a man, a husband, a defender and a winner. There are many stories in Alexandrov, the modern world, politics, the arts and the other areas that are achieved thanks to the heights set ourselves goals.

Alexander since childhood knows what he wants, he does well in school, playing sports, does not tolerate fraud and require the same from others. People with this name wide circle of friends, many friends. Sasha later become talented leaders. They have the gift of persuasion, such people easily negotiate and come to a consensus. In the understanding of the holders of that name better than a good world than thin quarrel.

In relations with women, Alexander is very gallant, polite, it has an inherent ability to compliments, long courtship. Summer representatives behalf easier to find a common language with their children, rather than winter. In family life may give the initiative his wife, but many issues reserve priority opinion. For children strict, fair, able to forgive minor infractions. Sasha is not vindictive. The only thing that can affect their life, this craving for alcohol, or rather impossible to stop. Often the cause is becoming friends. To turn away from alcohol Alexander can only strong shock or stress in your life, as well as a stimulus for new activities.

Since childhood, Alexander could be a problem with the kidneys, the lungs, it is prone to fracture. Sometimes suffers from insomnia. Stomach and intestines are also vulnerable.

He loves to travel, learn new things, spending time in the countryside. Completely given hobbies. Is interested in football and hockey, housework was not attracted. Alexander does not attract the routine, he studies the passion, the wife of a man sometimes has to wait until he gets home.

Sasha have a good memory, pre-think over all his actions, but are afraid of failure. They are poetic nature, funny, clever, sometimes recklessly. Alexandra - great leaders, proud, honest with yourself and others, can not tolerate betrayal and do not forgive betrayal. Very accommodating and helpful.

Name Day is celebrated on August 25, March 26, 6 November, March 28 in the Orthodox calendar.

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