Which stone is best to choose for mascots

Which stone is best to choose for mascots
 People are always attracted to colorful sparkling or mysterious impenetrably opaque stones. Minerals were decorations and shows the status of the owner. Gems featured in various legends and tales, they attributed magical properties. And now people believe that the correct stone can bring wealth, health and love.
 Everyone and mineral has its particular vibration. Properly selected stone can cure diseases and bestow longevity. When selecting a suitable mineral should be guided by your intuition, the crystal should you like the look and create the desire to constantly touch him.

Chosen stone you can easily test. Before going to bed tie the mineral to the arm, just above the elbow on the outside. Try to sleep well. The absence or presence of pleasant dreams and interesting pictures shows the correctness of your choice. Otherwise, if you nightmares, or you are unable to fall asleep, the crystal does not suit you, you should not wear it at all or too often.

An important factor is the condition after waking up. A good feature is the high spirits and cheerfulness. The opposite effect points to the wrong choice of stone. Minerals may be neutral, in which case they do not affect your sleep and waking.

Should pay attention to the color of the crystal. Yellow and orange stones bring success, power and glory. Transparent and white minerals help people engaged in intellectual work. Also, these crystals endow the owner with supernatural powers. Green stones bring peace and success in love affairs.

Pink and purple minerals help the person achieve harmony with nature. Violet crystals protect its wearer from natural disasters, develop intuition. Red stones help people engaged in physical labor. Blue minerals bring success in money matters. Black crystals relieve its owner from depression and mental illness.

Blue stones are a great mascot for creative people. Minerals turquoise shades can change the character of the owner as he needs. Brown crystals help the owner to part with the past, interrupted due to unnecessary people and start a new life.

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