Sea as a conductor of energy: useful properties of sea water

Sea as a conductor of energy: useful properties of sea water
 One of the four elements - water - takes on the shape of our planet rivers, oceans, seas. This is a strong energy entity that has a major impact on a person.

The secret power of the sea is not only a huge amount of water, it also absorbs solar energy. Waves, tides, currents and water temperature difference and the surface - a promising source of renewable energy that can serve humanity. Sea manifests itself at the micro level, in relation to a particular person. And if the result of its impact has not been positive, beach vacation would not have been the most popular way to spend a holiday.

Slow movements of waves, the sound of water strikes the rocks, sun glare, entangled in the water ripples, always help you to relax and feel the peace. Suggests further calm sea and due to the fact that, as a rule, is a pleasant, positive association. Memories of childhood, when you were running on sand or gravel, laughing with her parents and a sense of lightheartedness and security were not even aware. Now, also unconsciously, these feelings break through time when you find yourself at sea.

Staying near the sea more recreational than the work that allows you to throw away all the accumulated problems, "reboot". It is the accumulation of energy, and also have the opposite, but also positive.

Nobody wants to talk about the benefits of swimming. But you may have noticed what appears severe fatigue after a day out in the water. This is not only due to physical exertion - sea temperature is always lower than body temperature, so it takes the energy and the power is consumed more. But then it's nice to relax.

Sea lives by its own biorhythms and during the day has a different impact on the person. It is believed that up to six in the morning it "charges" from six to noon and from six to nine in the evening - neutral, and from twelve days to six in the evening takes energy. Worth mentioning, rather, to clarify that in this case, it directs the flow of energy in conjunction with the sun. And choose the time for bathing is necessary, taking into account these features.

How does the sea charges the body? Sea water due to its content of salt has healing and medicinal properties. Iodine is included in its composition, contributes to the regulation of metabolism, rejuvenates the cells, calcium strengthens bones, heals, struggling with depression, as well as magnesium, bromine has soothing properties. Iron delivers oxygen, chlorine useful in combating fungal diseases, zinc boosts immunity. And this is not the whole list of minerals seawater. All of these elements we need to be healthy, and healthy body - so strong, full of energy.

Water different seas differ in composition. First, concentration of salts. After the Dead Sea (270 ‰, ppm), with which no other can not be compared, the most intense recognized Red - 42 ‰. The salinity of the Mediterranean Sea - 38 ‰, Black - 18, Caspian - 14, Azov - 11 Baltic - 7.

Countries that are in the waters rich in composition of the seas, actively use it. Many Israeli cosmetics companies include Dead Sea salt in the composition of their products.

The company DeSheli, which is known for innovation in the field of cosmetics, there is a whole series of products enriched with Dead Sea minerals - Sea Illusion Sense of Perfection. It is a complex anti-aging skin and hair. Shampoo, conditioner, cream design have regenerative properties. They are suitable for all types of hair, reduce the risk of their loss and are struggling with the effects of daily stress. Dead Sea minerals have a profound effect, nourishing the scalp and hair from the inside. Experts of the company added in due Argan oil from Morocco and lavender, which also protects against the negative environmental impact.

Cosmetics from the company DeSheli, containing a part of sea salt can be used both at sea and in everyday life. Shampoo with salt gives hair volume, its particles are part of many scrubs.

So the sea is present in our lives every day! But from time to time as necessary to leave everything and fly to plunge into a sea of ​​energy and charge it.

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