A party in honor of the signing of the contract "Dynamo Moscow" and Forward

A party in honor of the signing of the contract "Dynamo Moscow" and Forward
 Company «Forward» signed a cooperation agreement with the hockey club "Dynamo Moscow". On this occasion, the restaurant Royal Bar was showing a new form of the hockey club, which brought together all members of the hockey team, as well as stars of the Russian show business.  

The program of the press lunch included:

- The ceremony of signing the contract between the company "Forward" and the hockey club "Dynamo Moscow"
- Press conference of the hockey club "Dynamo Moscow"
- Presentation of new forms of hockey club "Dynamo Moscow"
- Greetings from the Russian show business stars
- Reception

The history of the brand «Forward» inextricably linked with the history and achievements of the Russian great sport. Since 2003 the company «Forward» is the official supplier of fitness for the national teams of Russia. In partnership with the Center for outfitting «Forward» annually equips more than 200 athletes between Russia on 60 kinds of sports, as well as Paralympic team of Russia.

Company «Forward» produces a wide range of sportswear, footwear and accessories. When creating each collection using modern high-quality materials with high operational properties. New collections are testing those who have the highest demands - professional athletes, members of the Russian national team. Based on their opinions and suggestions, we constantly refine our collection that best illustrates the highest standards of professional sport.

Sports uniforms Forward is often used as clothing for fitness. Although the company is not a specialized manufacturer of clothing, but the versatility of the brand Forward makes it easy to use many things from our collections for this purpose.

Individuality, dynamism, comfort and practicality - these are the key indicators characterizing the sporty style. When creating our fitness level, we rely on them.

Be «Forward» - means to carry a piece of Russia, its sporting achievements and victories. «Forward» - a form of Russian champions!