Christmas signs

Christmas signs
 All of us want to see in the coming year it was good: and that money were carried out, and in the privacy of luck, and luck was accompanied throughout and many, many things. To do this is to listen to the New Year traditions and superstitions and try to observe them in the festive night.
 Typically, the festive day on December 31 should try to complete all the remaining unfinished business that they have not moved with you in the new year. Do not want to be the next year should someone money - share them before the holiday. But in any case do not give money to the very New Year's Eve, do it in advance. You want the money were carried out, ask your debts back.

If you are going to prepare for the festive table some pie, pizza or cake, put the dough in a small coin. When, during the feast will be distributed among the members of the family cut pieces, the one who got this coin, be sure to gain financial success in the coming year.

New Year's Eve kiss accepted. Naturally - with a loved one. Kiss under the chiming clock, kiss throughout the festive night kiss on the first day will come the new year. Thereby you secure their relationship on all year round.

One of the most hilarious take on the New Year - is to appease the beast, which comes a year. During the battle of chimes, the clink of glasses made to make sounds that beast. For example, if there comes a year of the pig, then you need to grunt, if the year of the cock - crow, etc. This will position itself to the spirit of the beast, and it will bring you good luck in everything.

And the most important and well-known to all of us sign - "how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it." Think about all the details in the preparation of the holiday, consider any tiny nuances that the holiday has not turned out to someone boring. Organize house in fairy-tale style, prepare the table of your favorite foods, wear something new and elegant, make gifts to all those invited, consider a program of entertainment. New Year's Eve should be memorable, fun, fabulous. In general, direct all your efforts to ensure that you and your family spent the night, as never before. Happy New Year!

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