Influence on the fate of the name

Influence on the fate of the name
 Does the name given to the child at birth, to his future destiny? Gredki firmly believed: affects, and how! Not by chance the child in Russia was given two names: "secret", which his baptismal anoint known only to parents and the closest people, and "public", which called him at home. This was done in order to "ward off" evil spirits from the main name to get her attention to the name of the secondary.

Until now, many people believe that the name of the person largely determines his fate. It is as if his "guiding star". Opponents argue it is reasonable: it turns out if Hitler possessed at birth is not named Adolf, and for example, Hans Dietrich and Erwin, would not have started the 2nd World War? It turns out that from such an insignificant little things affect the lives of tens of millions of people? Nonsense! Ridiculous to even think about!

Most likely, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Yes, on the one hand, the name - this is just an indication on which one person can be distinguished from another. Like growth, body, face shape, eye color and hair. Juliet was absolutely right, talking to her lover: "What's in a Name? Rose smells like a rose, a rose Though you call it, at least not. "

And simply put great about this famous hero Fenimore Cooper, brave and noble "Deerslayer" - Hunter Natty Bumpo: "The greatest coward, whom I knew in my life, called the Lion! »

On the other hand, the name of many peoples is inseparably linked with the name, and some with the middle name. And if it is a combination of sounds not only organic, but also beautiful, man instinctively feels pride in the fact of belonging to his family and to his people. And it is very important to awaken in him a healthy ambition, the desire to achieve success in any business, glorify your name. In this sense, a well-chosen name can actually be "guiding star".

Conversely, if the name in and of itself is not the best, and only in combination with the last name and patronymic generally causes a burst of laughter, what kind of pride and enthusiasm of a man who is endowed with them, you can talk about? It can only sincerely, sincerely, sorry. Very well once said about this wonderful poet Marshak:

Unless you're smart,
You do not give to children
So intricate names
The proton and atom.
Let understand the father and mother,
What's up with that nickname
Century have vekovat
Unfortunate children.

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