Guessing on cards of Madame Lenormand

Guessing on cards of Madame Lenormand
 About Madame Lenormand, born in 1772, is still legendary, as the most mysterious fortune teller France. Near Paris, she took everyone from commoner to the Chief of the army, everyone prophesied the future, and few perceived her words seriously.

For example, the famous Josephine Beauharnais was predicted not only the love of the Emperor Napoleon, but his betrayal that will happen a decade later. Himself Emperor of France repeatedly personally addressed to her for advice, but he heard the last time that fails in hostilities with Russia and met a lonely death on the island, he could not resist the great fortune teller sent into exile. In the same Lenormand and wrote a book, which hinted about his sacrament of divination by cards.

Madame Lenormand cards with the same name appeared after her death. Its followers have written instructions on how to correctly guess the cards, but she treated the Lenormand cards, based on intuition. The basic methods of divination by cards Lenormand.

Take a deck of cards face down, shuffle, mentally zagadannoy question and remove the left hand. Then open the first card, it will show you the past. Then count the exact number of cards equal to the number pulled out the card for the "past" and the last card in the amount of open - it will tell you now, in the same way the report cards equal to the number of "real" cards, you will map the "future". Then count the numbers of all three cards, fold until the number from 2 to 36. This card - advice. Prediction can be seen by the figures depicted on the cards. Thus, the "coffin" (card №8) - means the loss, frustration, a change of attitude, and the map "bouquet» (№9) speaks of a pleasant acquaintance, coming joy and flirting.

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