The depth of hypnosis

The depth of hypnosis
 Self-hypnosis is considered to be some form of anger management. Learn the basics of this art are able to anyone, as long as he had a desire, and he felt the urgent need for this. Many people believe self hypnosis wonderful remedy, and to some extent they are right, because in some cases, no other drug is not able to provide effective assistance, but to trust in their own strength.

Qualitative characteristic of self-hypnosis is caused by its depth. But what they find deep hypnosis psychology? It turns out that the depth of self-hypnosis - an abstract concept, and it is characterized by a degree of absorption of consciousness in a state of trance. Conventionally, to measure the depth of penetration of consciousness into a hypnotic trance, used a kind of "scale". It is divided into three equal parts, the first third of the scale corresponds to a slight degree of depth of self-hypnosis, the second - the middle and third - degree dive deep into a trance.

Objectively judge at what stage the depth of self-hypnosis is a person at a particular time, it is possible, considering the outward signs of the hypnotic state.

Mild depth of hypnosis relaxation is caused by the initial stage of self-consciousness, which begins with the closing of the eyes and prepare the body for the upcoming relaxation. The first signal that the person is in this stage of the depth of self-hypnosis are muscle relaxation, weighting of age, drowsiness, some stiffness of the body.

The average degree of the depth of self-hypnosis is characterized by complete astonishment of the human body, or even its complete immobility. This stage is also characterized by an imaginary acceleration all the surrounding processes and a great capacity for self-control.

The third stage - a deep sleep. Or, as it is commonly called, "somnambulisticheskaya" depth of hypnosis is caused by the very high degree of immersion in a trance state. In this state there is complete relaxation. Learning to reach the third degree of depth of self-hypnosis, you can easily cope with any problems that may disturb the person in a specific period of time.

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