Stones for the Signs of the Zodiac

Stones for the Signs of the Zodiac
 According to Eastern astrologers, each zodiac sign corresponds to a certain stone. Depending on the date of birth, you can choose for themselves a talisman that will bring good luck and harmony in life.
 Aries suitable diamond, heliotrope, ruby. This stones symbolizing strength of mind and the natural power of health. They help to cope with the disease. In no case do not wear diamond, ill-gotten.

Calves suitable stones with a bluish tinge (turquoise, aquamarine) and alexandrite, emerald, agate, tiger's eye. They soften the anger directed at their owner. Turquoise is considered to be one of the lucky stones, brings harmony in family life.

Balance the contradictory nature of Gemini will help agate, cat's eye, rock crystal. These stones protect their owners from excessive nervousness and bustle. Agate protects against jealousy, cat's eye helps to calm down and rhinestone clears from bad thoughts.

Sensitive and mysterious cancers astrologers recommend wearing an emerald, pearl, moonstone, carnelian. They attract love and help create peace in the family, attract fame and heal disease.

Passionate Lions suitable stones rich red color. Among them - the pomegranate, energizing, ruby, attracting power and a thirst for the accomplishment of feats, amber, strengthens faith.

Virgos are suitable jade, set in silver (or gold), carnelian, jasper, cat's eye. These stones will protect their owners from the evil eye. Jade heals the body from disease, carnelian protects against poverty, jasper brings inspiration and cat's eye develops intuition.

Stretching to the beautiful Libra can wear rhinestone, aquamarine, sapphire and lapis lazuli. These stones are attracted to harmony and balance, which are so eager to Libra. Aquamarine and sapphire calm and rhinestone brings love and comfort in the house.

Scorpios astrologers recommend to buy garnet, opal and aquamarine. Pomegranate helps develop a sense of intuition, opal protects from damage and aquamarine attracts love and firmly cements already created a family union.

Sagittarius suitable turquoise, bringing happiness in family life, the sapphire, the cooling of passion and brings chastity, and beryl, develop self-confidence.

Strong spirit Capricorns can wear onyx - stone fighters. Moonstone and Garnet help you find personal happiness, lapis lazuli attract positive emotions and rhinestone lead thoughts.

Aquarius is suitable amethyst, which contributes to the success in affairs of the heart and brings peace of mind. Chrysoprase will find like-minded friends. Zircon Aquarius will protect in transit.

Protect fish pearls, which contributes to longevity and happy love. Peridot give creative and vulnerable members of this sign good luck in business, and aquamarine - stone sailors and lovers of sea element - a charge of Pisces energy.

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