Horoscope birthday

Onion diet

1 lunar day

People born on this day tend to live to a ripe old age. They are always waiting for something great, but they can live life, and not waiting for his stellar hour. Sometimes overshadows their inspiration, and they perform a feat: they should be included in the activities of a sudden and bright.

2 lunar day

A child born on this day, will grow successfully. In underdeveloped people of this day can manifest of conquest, greed; never polneem, they eat everything indiscriminately, develops greed for things.

3 lunar day

People born on this day, in the absence of help from the strong and happy planets, especially Jupiter and Venus, do not last long.

4 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day grow big selfish or even criminal. Parents will have to exert all their strength and skill to guide him on the right path. People born on this day are the bearers of a cosmic mystery: it is desirable that each solved this mystery in itself intuitively.

5 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day, without outside help, - short-lived. A distinctive feature of the people of this day - fussiness, they do not get fat. They can not eat sauerkraut, pickles, meat, they should avoid foods that contain germs of decay.

6 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day will live to old age. People of the sixth lunar day - transformers, conductors of cosmic energy, many of them become psychics.

7 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day, will have good health. Users of this day - "weathervane", surface and irrepressible collectors gossip.

8 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day, often deprived of external beauty, but Luna has awarded in excess of its spiritual beauty. Mind, knowledge, hard work, honesty and kindness - these are the main features of people born on this day.

9 lunar day

Users of this day live a long and fruitful life. Often they are unhappy, and suffer from lack of understanding by others. They must be constantly cleaned - get rid of toxins, both physical and astral

10 lunar day

Born on this day grow into avid travelers; even if they can not exercise their blue dream of distant lands, they will dream of their life. At heart they are romantics and adventurers. They have established good contact with the cosmos, and they draw their energy from there, and people use them as a source of energy. But among them there and avaricious, and then on their way there are obstacles in the form of serious diseases.

11 lunar day

People born on this day, have good mental capabilities, live to a ripe old age, surrounded by his many admirers. They are very strong, almost unpredictable.

12 lunar day

People born on this day, the soul seeks to help others. They are merciful, peaceful, shy, charming.

13 lunar day

People born on this day hustle and bustle. They usually live to a ripe old age.

14 lunar day

People born on this day, the fate of the protector. They are leaders. They are calling and going to him through all obstacles. They are characterized by a longing for authority, the ability to disguise themselves, the mind, the ability to carry along, easy to adapt to any environment. Their life is a feat. Internally, they are clean, to deceive even the slightest falsehood are squeamish.

15 lunar day

Users of this day is very amorous, from what might suffer. They are easy to all carnal and astral temptations. Often, they have weakened the pancreas.

16 lunar day

People born on this day, have good health and live a long and fruitful. They love the white color and clarity, prone to blue and silver. They do not condemn others. Their symbol - "Stairway to Heaven", indicating the hard way climbing. In the first stage of his spiritual advancement they did not hear the second and third comes the understanding of language of plants and animals. They have a strong imagination. They are gentle dreamers.

17 lunar day

People born on this day are very happy family. Of the girls grow up faithful wife and a good mother. They need their "half." They have a great need for true spouse or lover - the source of energy pair polarity, otherwise they will be miserable and weak in life.

18 lunar day

If your child was born in the lunar day, the more likely it will be a hard-working and efficient. Maybe in the future it is expected wealth. People that day, walking along the high way of development, capable of self-sacrifice and heroism, while on their merits, they never cry. Sometimes they make healers. If a person goes to the lower path of development, it can be an actor, circus performer, clown. These people see the world upside down form. Life amuses them. If they are not stopped in time, they may walk in his denial of being cynical, and then their miserable way. Entangled in their illusions, such people tend to blame the world for their failures.

19 lunar day

In this lunar day people are born with a high moral character, selfless, kind, modest, carrying light to the world. But if the child goes to the lower path of development, then it can turn schemer, a smoothie, wily deceiver, a loser or unrecognized creator loner; such people often drink too much.

20 lunar day

People born on this day, live with a constant feeling of flying in the shower. They easily master the science of astral movements and often psychics. The best people of the day - ascetics who sacrifice themselves for the cause. Low the fate of these awards were born in the evil day, and unyielding character, which parents have to struggle already from the cradle. Such people are false teachers, dictators.

21 lunar day

People born on this day may be in its lowest form invincible proud, in a fit of blind to the goal did not notice anything, "trampling" other. In top form - it is clean and honest knights, strong-willed, defenders of justice. And in the first and in the second embodiment are distinguished by diligence, hard work and patience. In a relationship with my parents, loved ones, friends and colleagues to exercise restraint.

22 lunar day

People born on this day, activities, and live to a ripe old age. In the highest manifestation and - keepers of wisdom traditions are able to penetrate the meaning of all things, comprehend any science. In the lowest manifestation - the conservatives marked lack of dynamics in the outlook, convinced of its monopoly on the truth.

23 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day was no different beauty, so much in his life depends on education, the knowledge and human kindness. For the people of this day is characterized by tenacity, dead grip, any business brought them to the absolute. Manifested throughout the maturity and completeness.

24 lunar day

Most people born on this day - creative people who have great energy, though at times they want to withdraw into himself, shut out people (to dive into hibernation). As a rule, people of this day - gourmets.

25 lunar day

Users of this day - Pets Fortune, happiness accompanies them to the death. Even as a young man talk maturely. It is wise, slow, even though people are sleepy, but can be transformed; often see prophetic dreams.

26 lunar day

A child born on this day, waiting for prosperity, even wealth, but it is also possible that it will often be plundered.

27 lunar day

The child, who was born on this day, too spineless, spineless, his education and the strengthening of the parents will have to deal with from an early age. Users of this day live in a state of constant change and variability. It may be travelers to the eternal thirst for knowledge, tramps, mystics, visionaries, healers. At the highest level of development - these are people who are capable of perfect love, the lowest - drunks, drug addicts. The task of these people - to show the willpower to "weed out" the lower world and master of cosmic consciousness.

28 lunar day

The people of this day are very different. Low - they are not able to share the good and the bad. They are characterized by cynicism, lack of emotions, affections. At the highest level - the people "with the sun in the blood," altruists, which are drawn by others. They are in the world of good and light. These are people of high moral character.

29 lunar day

People born in the lunar day, all my life with someone fighting. As a rule, they are long-lived, but the darling of fortune they can not be named. Going through all earthly temptations, they stuffed a lot of bumps.

30 lunar day

People born on this day, beautiful, kind, wise. Some of them live their whole lives without attachment, and some grow altruists, which are drawn by others. These are people of high moral character.

Phase 1 (1-7 lunar days)

Phase 1 is associated with the element of Earth.

Those born under the moon in the first quarter - the people of the virgin soul, which has not acquired more experience. Such people are very hard to wake up from hibernation soul, and they are in some kind of mental homeostasis. People are often not able to understand the external impressions, his soul is really a virgin, do not get your pulse (impact) of the astral world in a past life. Therefore, all new to him, he takes everything at face value, as it re-opens all emotionally. In the first phase of the human soul is gaining only the first external impressions, willingly taking everything. Some people of the 1st phase of the moon can appear to be uncouth; in the worst case it is characteristic of infantilism.

Among the people of the 1st phase of the very few suicides. Slowness of perception is accompanied by such people have a deep inner resistance. If they allow someone to break into your soul, it is only up to a point, and then are able to tear all that feel alien. It is as if their internal filter. Since the 1st quarter associated with the element of Earth, it imposes a lasting and profound imprint on the psyche of those born in this period. In the first phase of the Moon properties are better than women.

Emotional balance a person takes from the Earth: it is easier when it is in the nature or just touching the ground. 1st phase of the moon gives the person a very great potential, he needs to awaken to a sense of purpose. In phase 1 person allowed much, because he has not yet reached the degree of knowledge (although this tends to), which imposes a great responsibility.

At the time of change of phase the moon receives the first blow stress from the sun - time quadrature - the amount of accumulated information goes into a new quality, which is always painful. That is why people born at the junction of the two phases of the moon, painfully sensitive - they have plenty of life stressors, ie material for the emergence of life stress gives them all you want, because this stage for these people - it is a stage of transition, selection, shape-shifting emotional perception.

2nd phase (8-15 lunar days)

Phase 2 is associated with the element of water.

People born with the Moon in the second quarter, have a very strong emotional receptivity - a thin conductors and therefore have a lot of internal changes. Their inherent insight - a sign of a person emotionally sophisticated, already experienced in the past life of the first stress caused by squaring, and this stress evokes the world of emotions, which, however, are not ahead of consciousness, do not force their way out, do not boil, because the moon is not so departed from Sun to become independent. Because people 2nd phase are more susceptible, thin, diverse, capable of different manifestations. At the same time, they still do not give yourself full of will, they are not so deceived, not so tempted to show all hidden and expose the secret (secrets of the psyche). They do not always understand, do not always notice it, not always unravel. People who have the Moon in the second phase, washed, shake off any dirt (they all like water off a duck), but they accumulate it first, they are not free in their susceptibility. If the people of the 1st phase is required, above all, comfort, as a pledge of strength existence, for people 2nd phase on the first place there is a need for emotional contact, which they are very dependent due to its sensitivity. They are widely perceived intuitively, through suggestion, intercept emotional impulse and can develop it. Soulful chill perceive very painful. All this - properties awakened soul.

Especially significant people middle of the second quarter. Born at a time when the moon is in the eastern trigonal aspect to the Sun (the most stable and sustainable), they have a male and female in equilibrium, it is difficult to shake, emotions have in place, and the spirit on his own. These people have a lot of new experiences, they are able to understand and at the same time not to impersonate. Among those who are born closer to the full moon, many mediums. Generally, the area within 30 degrees of the full moon is very interesting - it is an area of ​​rotation, or equilibrium, which violates only the very opposition. A man born in these days, constantly experiencing emotional twists, constantly experiencing all the same emotional feelings that a child is returned to the original emotional states, to what had once felt.

People 2nd quarter lacks deep reflection and relaxation - qualities that they could find partners who were born in the 4th phase.

Phase 3 (15 - 22 lunar days)

The third phase of the moon is associated with the air.

At the junction of the 2nd and 3rd phases - a full moon, the moon during which the maximum is exempt from the influence of the sun becomes more independent. The independence of the internal world, full of freedom and looseness in the possession of your subconscious becomes the man whose moon in moments t birthday is on the so-called Moonlight Road (from first to last quincunx Moon to the Sun, ie, 30 degrees "to" and 30 degrees "after" full moon). These are people who are emotionally available, but also the most sophisticated.

They see prophetic dreams, absorb information of a different order, their condition from phase to phase of the moon changes, ie.e. they are linked directly with the Moon. They were freed from the sun and the moon for them has become more important eclipsed spirit eclipsed their identity. They identified themselves already in a past life with the astral world, and therefore are born in this life to the full moon. These people are mystical, superstitious, often amenable mood. The psyche of thin plastic, they conduct themselves through different influences - as the vilest and most good. This may wash away all the bad influence in a more dramatic effect of a light or light of the spirit of man. It is this freedom and freedom from dependence is: as long as they perceive the impact they are connected with it, and as soon as the influence of ends, and they are released, separated from any impact. Therefore, these people - special people Moonlight Road Moonlight. They just conductors and nothing else. In order to make the most of their opportunities, isolate all evil, to perceive only light exposure, they need to raise the spirituality. Otherwise, such a person will be like a blank slate on which any perfume will write anything. This was already in the phase of preparation of Water. People Moonlight Road free. Moon in their maximum emission. That's why they need to work on the Sun, over self-awareness, develop a spiritual core, or they can be quite unreliable people and better (if you can not convince them otherwise) stay away from them. But even if you can convince them otherwise, they listen to you, just as you are working on them. They need to come to a decision on their own.

After the full moon the moon is on the damage - dramatically, completely changing its energy, its impact. Changing not only the phase but also the hemisphere of the moon: it becomes defective, losing light. Maximum one deceives a man who has attained the full emotional freedom, longer should lose consistently give up what he has accumulated. First overrun emotions begins in the third phase. Such people are more losses than gains, emotionally. Therefore, people of the third phase - the people with primary emotional wasted. Their emotions are often superficial, they are deceived, they already have an understanding, sophistication and ability to maneuver; in the worst case - cunning, guile; at best - a very strong need for emotional impact, craving for interaction.

In the full moon Moon and Sun are in phase greatest confrontation - the gap soul and spirit. From this duality, the maximum unbalanced and unpredictable behavior.

Users of the third phase in the worst case react painfully to each word can not safely accept nothing;