The Body Shop will release natural flavors of the world

 British eco-brand The Body Shop at the end of the summer will release a new series of "flavors of the world» Scents Of the World. Analogues on natural components of the perfume in the cosmetic market was not yet. The series includes five flavors: Atlas Mountain Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Amazonian Wild Lily and Indian Night Jasmine.

To release new flavors without adding chemical additives, representatives of The Body Shop traveled and searched various natural extracts in different parts of the world. And they got it - a new perfume to 100% will consist of natural ingredients.

The Body Shop will release natural flavors of the world
Atlas Mountain Rose embodies Moroccan motifs and is based on aromas of citrus, spices and rose extract.
Japanese Cherry Blossom - this combination of flavors of apple, magnolia and cherry.
Madagascan Vanilla Flower is based on the smell of Madagascar lily with hints of jasmine and vanilla.
Indian Night Jasmine - this, of course, jasmine and sandalwood with hints of violet and orange.
Amazonian Wild Lily contains an extract of iris, orchid, papaya and lilies.
Aromas can be used separately or mixed together. Perfume Scents Of the World will be released in the format Eau De Toilette 50 ml. Also all the flavors will be presented in the line of shower gels and oils. New items are expected in stores in August.