Smoking women becomes more men

 Anticipating that the World No Tobacco Day, held yesterday, prompt to quit this addiction is not all smokers, WHO published a rather sad statistics on smoking among women in Europe. Without mentioning Russia, too, has not done.

22% - a figure on the number of calls the WHO European women smokers. Conducts research experts note that if earlier addiction to cigarettes was largely the domain of men, but now the gap between the number of smokers and smokers constantly decreasing.

Most tobacco products consumes the weaker sex in the UK, Ireland, Austria and, most strangely, in the affluent countries, the so-called "Scandinavian socialism" - Denmark, Sweden, Norway. At the same time in Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Poland smoking women even more than men. Particularly marked in the WHO report and smoking among girls, the number of which is also growing steadily.

Researchers have linked the issue of this fact that the material possibilities women allow them to indulge in quite expensive by European standards pleasure. This also interferes with movement and emancipation and promotion of smoking as a symbol of strength and freedom.

Separate line mentions WHO and Russia. The organization draws attention to the marketing strategy of tobacco companies in our country, whose actions are often contrary to the accepted norms of cigarette advertising, which is particularly reflected in smoking among women. WHO cites the example even when placed in 2009 advertisement in the Russian glossy magazine increased consumption among women cigarette brand that has conducted this campaign, 117%.

Health Organization report is particularly disappointing in light of the fact that smoking is still considered one of the most serious causes of death, from which killed every tenth.