Scientists have found negative effects of protein diets

 Researchers at the Karolinska Medical Institute in Sweden and at Harvard University in the United States came to the conclusion that a diet based on increased consumption of protein, are harmful to health. Results showed that the protein diets (e.g., Atkinson) increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, and generally increases the likelihood of heart disease.

The study was conducted over 16 years, it was attended by more than 43 thousand Swedish women 30-49 years old. Women regularly answer questions related to their health and diet. 1,279 of them in 16 years had a stroke or heart attack. The study showed that the risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 28% among those who favored protein foods.

Leading research Dr. Pagon Lajoie explained that a large number of protein foods in the diet is permissible only if it is vegetable proteins. Expert Samantha Heller continues this idea and argues that because of the animal protein in the body increases the level of cholesterol, and it needs to be cut by switching to healthier proteins: tofu, nuts, beans and vegetable products.