Nutritionists have called products that help not to overeat

 Nutritionists have compiled a list of foods that help to stop in time and do not overeat. All of them are quite high-calorie, to satisfy his hunger while satiated.

The main product list - potatoes. In an average tuber contains about 16 calories, and it is better fed bread 3 times. Potato dishes do not contribute to weight gain if it is not mixed with fatty foods.

Legumes, fish and lean meat can also be attributed to this list. Body uses proteins completely, blowing them to energy production. Pasta from durum wheat contains 344 kcal (100 grams) and is also well-saturated, leaving no hunger.

Eggs contain protein, so one egg, eaten for breakfast, saturate and reduce appetite.

Dark bitter chocolate slows down the digestive process and allows you to not overeat other sweets.

In soft cheeses (feta or goat Greek) contains linoleic acid, which is well nourishes and helps burn fat.

Of course, this list includes citrus, especially oranges, since they contain a lot of fat. In one orange about 60 calories.