Night work causes breast cancer

 Several centuries fought for the opportunity to work on an equal basis with men, women have gained so another headache problem. It turned out that the work on the night shift provokes the fair sex in breast cancer.

Danish Institute of Cancer Epidemiology hypothesized that women who have to work at night more than twice a week, increase the risk of cancer in 2 times. They suggest that this is due to the reduction in melatonin production, designed to protect the body from the appearance of cancer cells during late labor. In addition, women have to work at night under electric light that throws their body clock, which in turn, causes the brain and the body's cells desynchronize together. Thus, the cells in the breast tissue begin to grow randomly. Scientists also note that female "larks" who have to work at night, are potential victims of Oncology 4 times more often. But men too can not relax, because night work threatens them with prostate cancer.

However, there are several ways to reduce the risk of developing cancer. To maintain the production of melatonin at night need as little as possible to use lighting fixtures. Night shifts should be no more than 3 per week, and by themselves they do not have to be long-lasting.