NASA discovered the elixir of youth

 AS10 - code combination of letters and numbers, which must remember any woman. But it is by no means anti-aging mantra should be repeated at least 1,000 times a night. It is so called developed Space Center NASA elixir of youth.

Space mercilessly attack, and first of all it affects our skin, serving as a screen for the body to ultraviolet rays. This is especially the radiation effect on the skin of people in close proximity with the cosmos. For protection against radiation in the daily diet of astronauts included a special supplement, which includes acai berries, pear, kupuaku, acerola and a long list of ingredients with no less outlandish names of fruit. This is, in fact, is AS10, which includes green tea, grapes and pomegranates, which have long established themselves as anti-aging products.

Experiments carried out on mere mortals (ie not on the astronauts) showed that daily consumption of 60 ml drink AS10 promotes the disappearance of 30% of pigment spots and wrinkles 17% after 4 months.

NASA discovered the elixir of youth

But for the beauty and youth need to pay, and it's fun (open especially with the support of NASA) is not cheap. Four months rejuvenating elixir consumption will cost about $ 500.