Louis Vuitton produces hallucinogenic app for iPhone

 After finishing a joint collection with the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton does not intend to stop there and decides to implement designed with style in a creative alliance iPhones fashionistas.

Obsessive pea, jumping on things Louis Vuitton, catchy brightness in each accessory - it is nothing like the crazy Japanese firm handwriting in the so-called "capsule" collection of the French brand. Inspiration for his work as Yayoi draws from his own hallucinations.

But to feel Kusama go far do not need. Louis Vuitton launches soon Kusama Studio app for the iPhone, which will be made to change the owner of the phone image in accordance with the vision of Yayoi: split pea items, releasing a wave of them and send to the mirror infinity. In general, a wonderful thing for those who are already tired of the usual set of filters in Instagram.

By the way, the images obtained with the Kusama Studio will be send directly to Facebook, Twitter or boast of their online LouisVuittonKusama.com.

Photo: Vogue.ru