Ksenia Sobchak headed the journal Sex and the City

 More recently, the well-known TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak was suspended from participating in ceremonies Muz-TV and "Taffy" that many people associate with her opposition activities, but a few days later it became known about her appointment the chief editor of women's magazine SNC (Sex and the City).

Journal of SNC (to rebrand in 2011 it was called Sex and the City) combines materials about fashion and political situation. Publisher Galina Smooth believes that Xenia is the perfect heroine of Sex and the City.

Xenia itself the news perceived as an interesting challenge. She believes that the magazine should tell the modern girl in her language including that going around. According to her, now many glossy magazines do not have enough of it. Publishers believe that Ksenia Sobchak successfully cope with the new challenge, the more that behind her shoulders had a similar experience - before she was speaker Elle, GQ, Tatler magazine and directed the special project Snob.