Created chocolate anti-aging

 Scientists at Cambridge Lycotec company conducted research and with a special ingredient Coco-Lycosome could change the composition of chocolate - the substance is to increase the activity of flavanols, which contribute to the saturation of the skin with oxygen and, consequently, reduce the rate of aging.

A small piece of this chocolate is equal to two ordinary tiles on the effects of flavanols and rejuvenating effect. Ivan Peter, one of the researchers and founder Lycotec, said that now everyone can benefit from flavanols, without changing their taste preferences. He noted that the new chocolate taste and mind is no different from the usual.

Nevertheless, there are those who belong to this discovery with some mistrust. For example, a nutritionist Carrie Ruxton doubts about the effectiveness of development, because it believes that the flavanols are poorly absorbed. Even if improving the digestibility of chocolate in the body will still remain calories and fats. Therefore, despite all the positive qualities of flavanols and interest of scientists to study them, it is necessary to wait for new discoveries and results of existing studies.