Scientists named the most insidious sweetness

 The researchers found that only one type of chocolate cake can activate the work areas of the brain responsible for appetite, and get to experience the feeling of hunger, which is very dangerous for those who want to lose weight.

At the University of Southern California, a group of researchers led by Dr. Caitlin Paige conducted an experiment in which 13 women participate overweight. Brain scanned the subjects before and after viewing the images of different sweets.

Surprisingly, only one kind of sweet - chocolate cake - called active areas of the brain responsible for appetite, reward and pleasure. A similar reaction causes the needle in drug addicts.

According to Dr. Paige, is a vivid example of how visual information is strongly influenced by our feelings.

Also, in a separate experiment, women were offered a drink sweet calorie drink (200 kcal) and then chanted their brains. It turned out, as soon as increased hunger - the brain took a drink as a snack.