Kid Bunny VS: Rating affectionate nickname spouses

 Especially for Family Day on July 8 portal Superjob held nationwide survey and found out what pet names as call each other spouses. Among the responses of participants found "pupsik", "lapulya", "kitty", "tigrik", "sweetheart", "hedgehog", "masyunya", "goat", "mopsik" and a "husband", and there are those who does not use such appeals.

The survey was conducted across Russia, was attended by 2000 people who are married or in a relationship. The most popular nickname is the "bunny" - hear it 20% of women and 14% of men, but some categorically against such treatment.

Affectionate derived from the names and surnames used only 10% of men and 13% women. Some girls become "Bunny" or "baby" categorically do not want to - in their opinion, such nicknames put them in line with the other girls, while want of confidence in the fact that you - the only one.

"Lion" and "cat" encountered a little less (12% of women and 14% men) and even fewer (6%) - "favorite". 8% of girls and 5% of men referred to their other half "Sun", at least - "kid" and "cute."

"Honey" and "expensive" also made the list, a little less popular "rodnuli", "joy", "bears", "Murzik" and even "Hippo" from "goat". Girls often gets nice nicknames like "beauty", "princess." Girls with curvaceous sometimes touchingly called "buns". The couple, who have children, often used the nickname "Mommy" and "Daddy."

With such an abundance of fun and sweet words, however, there are those couples who have never heard in his address no kind words - so answered 4% of men and 2% of women. 4% of women and 15% of men refused to answer, considering the question is too personal.