Crossing Europe: Helsinki arrange cross-country tour

 The heroine of Zooey Deschanel in the movie "Always say" yes "always fascinated by something unusual fragile girl. One of her hobbies are hiking fotoprobezhki early morning. It is not known whether it was inspired by the trailer of the tour agency in Helsinki, but now in the Finnish capital were running tours.

Tourists in Finland are invited to combine beautiful and useful, and get acquainted with the sights of Helsinki, jogging. Depending on your fitness, you will identify any amateur group, or a group of professionals.

The route runs can also be selected. While three of them. Shortest (6 km), the so-called "Cultural Itinerary" hold runners along the Gulf of Töölönlahti and the park Tokoinranta. 11-kilometer route "Sea and Seurasari" takes place on the Finnish island with a cozy countryside and the appropriate entourage. The biggest and the richest in the sights and excellent views route "Archipelago" has a length of 16 km. Not everyone it will be too tough. These tours are conducted by professional runners.

According to the results of the tourist race participants will be awarded diplomas and inspired by this idea will be flaunting a T-shirt with the words "I ran Helsinki."