The first museum in the world of ice cream opens in Italy

 It is believed that the first ice cream - fruit sorbet - Marco Polo brought to Europe five thousand years ago. However, the Italians (and the whole world, perhaps) believe it is the birthplace of ice cream Italy. Although the history of the origin of this summer dessert has its own inaccuracies, no one would argue that in Italy make the most delicious ice cream, species which, by the way, there are about 500.

Given this fact, in Bologna decided to open the first museum of ice cream area of ​​about a thousand square meters, where visitors will be acquainted not only with the ancient technique for the production of ice cream, but also the technology and recipe preparation. Also in the museum you will see a lot of color and historical black and white photos and even spy on the first handwritten recipe for the famous Italian "gelato".

The museum opened on 27 September, and the first visitors waiting for free tours and tasting ice cream.