Sales are gaining momentum in Moscow

 Half of the summer is over, and sales in all boutiques, malls and department stores are gaining momentum. A month ago, many boutiques limited to a modest 30%, but now all generously announced at least 50%, and then all of 70%. The same applies to online boutiques - both Russian and foreign.

Multi Podium Store raised to 50% discounts on all collections, the same applies to Poduim Concept Store, where you can find unusual branded clothing, footwear and accessories.

In the department store "Color" many summer collections can also be purchased at half price. In Rehab Shop declared 50% apply to many summer collections and accessories, this offer is valid in the online store.

In stores "Kuznetsk bridge», UK Style and Le Form sales also reached 50%, although this is the maximum discount.

Central Department Store, as always, has joined the season after all, but now it is there, you can still have time to buy interesting things to their size, while other stores often have leftovers collections. Stock shop "Remains sweet" in all of its three stores selling collection for half price.

In the Central Department Store in Corner Manolo Blahnik sale up to 50%, in the flagship boutique in GUM - up to 60%, and in Nikolskaya Plaza are all 80%.

Online shop selling all Aizel generously discounted 80%. Foreign online boutiques and collection sell discounted 60-70%.