Another masterpiece: Lady Gaga took off a trailer for his perfume

 In anticipation of perfume from Lady Gaga on the internet for he had a trailer for commercials. Its director was the person who shot at the time the video for Alejandro.

Tired of what made her own glory as his slave, Lady Gaga decided to spend fabulous sums of money than what is required of her producers, and art, which requires its own soul. This was the singer admitted in his own twitter. This principle and it is guided by hand in the creation of as toilet water Fame, and a commercial for it. An old friend called Gaga for filming Steven Klein.

Everything for whatever was taken singer turns into a full-fledged work of art. If the clip, then fifteen minutes with a stunning scenario, if a commercial perfume, let him at all will be a real film. Judging only by the trailer, so it will leave. Pitch circle of horror, naked body, latex, black viscous liquid, glamorous gothic. In short, everything that is so fond of this outrageous freak queen. And in another way, and could not be. A similar video suggests only one part of the new perfume: belladonna, is responsible for the madness, incense, cast out demons, and absurdity of orchids, sticky honey and saffron expensive. By the way, Gaga herself has admitted his fans that are very happy that they liked the teaser, because in this video the singer has spent a lot of money.

Full advertising creation Klein and Gaga can be seen as early as September, and is still enjoying small.