Open book: stars read Moby Dick

 Those who did not read or is going to take up again "Moby Dick", waiting for a great gift. All 135 chapters will be announced international celebrities, and can be played for free. Starting from September 16, day after day, the site will be new part of the novel.

The project Moby-Dick Big Read in the public domain work will be posted by Herman Melville by Tilda Swinton, Stephen Fry, David Cameron and Simon Callow. All celebrities have agreed to participate in the project unselfishly. Each track audio recording accompanied by elegant illustrations of "Moby Dick."

Product of Herman Melville left a great cultural trail - a famous singer Moby named himself after the main character of the book - the white whale. Network Starbucks was named by another of its hero - Starbuck. The novel has inspired many to create songs and movies.
Open book: stars read Moby Dick
Learn the history of the white whale or again plunge into the atmosphere of the novel can now be online Moby-Dick Big Read. The project is able to unite thousands of people that are parallel to "survive" with the actors and the characters of the novel hundreds of pages of adventures. Get news about the project in the group Facebook.
Book in this format will be useful not only for those who loves literature, but also for those who want to learn or remember English. The story, written in the late nineteenth century, you can listen to in the car or at home before going to bed. A good lesson for the next four and a half months!