Jennifer Aniston is 7 months pregnant (shock video!)

 Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, wearing wigs, already has two children, and broke into the car. Rumors tabloids? Certainly not!

Sometimes dirty work tabloids annoying show-business stars so that they are ready to just kill them. Or break in extreme cases. However, not every celebrity behavior is guided by Philip Kirkorov. Jennifer Aniston, for example, used to refer to the tabloids with humor. So, she appeared in commercials drinking water, she decided to confirm all the wildest rumors about her person.

In the story in her apartment has secret camera. They also show scandals, intrigues. In general, all that is hidden. For example, the fact that Aniston is not only pregnant, but already has two children, whom she carefully hides. One of them, by the way, Jimmy Kimmel, and the other - and at the alien. Secretly surrounding it, for old time's sake, calls herself Rachel, and removing the wig, corrects black curls. Playful advertising slogan makes in the end of the video morality: "Smartwater refreshes more than the truth." Well, the irony of Jennifer Aniston and advertisers can only poapplodirovat.