16+: Vogue does not work with models under the age of

 Magazine announced the tightening of controls to ensure that in the publication do not appear young models.

Vogue in May launched a project The Health Initiative. In the manifesto of the program said: "Our goal - to adopt a healthy lifestyle as an absolute priority for the fashion industry." The main points of The Health Initiative are refusing to cooperate with models under 16 years of age, with symptoms of eating disorders, the requirement to create a healthy environment on the set. All 12 Vogue editors promised to promote healthy lifestyles and work only with those who support its principles.

But the introduction of rules often causes violations. So, in August the Chinese Vogue published a survey of 15-year-old model, which caused a flurry of condemnation. Editor in chief Angelica Chong justified by the fact that the material has been prepared to run the project The Health Initiative. Later it was reported such abuse on the part of the Japanese edition.
Follow the principles of the manifesto was not so easy, but the management of the publishing house Condé Nast carefully for these watches. And again on the eve of the editors remind all of their obligations.
The Health Initiative project does not prohibit young models appear on the pages of the magazine, but only in a special children's section and in age-appropriate attire.
16+: Vogue does not work with models under the age of
Ubiquitous age restrictions, scandals frank swimwear for girls and other stories say that the world has seen a new wave of scrupulous attitude towards children. Protect the honor of his youth, as they say.