PETA: "Compassion - the main trend glamor"

 The cold weather, and people are gradually shifting from light autumn to winter coats fur coats. But PETA does not sleep, she again produced a controversial campaign against the use of fur in clothing.

The organization for the protection of animals has long been famous for provocative commercials and posters. At this time, the heroine of the new campaign has become a model Joanna Krupp. She poses in front of the camera lens, his whole appearance and special accessory showing that the fur - it is rather silly than fashionable. "For full supermaterialov invented, which can retain heat as well as fur, and they look good. So why mock animals? "- Commented on his participation in the campaign, PETA model.

Kill animals, whether they are grown in nurseries or in the wild - this Middle Ages, says PETA. Compassion should be the main tendencies of modern glamor, according to their website. The main way to deal with flayers - rejection of fur in clothing. By this and call and Krupp, and the campaign.