Disney will remove the sequel to "Star Wars"

 Tam-tam-tam, tam-ta-ladies out there-that-give ... Fans of "Star Wars" delighted - continuation of the legendary saga will be.

It promised them Disney. The company bought the studio Lucasfilm and immediately launched an continuation of "Star Wars." Scheduled for at least three parts, first released in theaters in 2015 approximately.

Kinogigant Disney recently absorbed such major players as Pixar and Marvel, now it is the turn the studio Lucasfilm. In addition to film production, the brainchild of George Lucas in different divisions engaged mind games, special effects, voice acting. Indiana Jones goes into the bargain. And all this without taking into account income from the release of related products. Such large-scale purchase, one of the biggest deals in the industry over the past 30 years, Disney has cost more than $ 4 billion.
George Lucas himself, who is now 68 years old, called the deal a contribution to his personal pension fund. Said that watching the change of generations of viewers, is aware of the need to pass a stellar history in the hands of new filmmakers and ready to do it.
He will no longer work with the project as a director, and will take over as creative consultant. This status will not interfere with the active participation in the creation of George Lucas movies - everything will depend only on his desire.
What can we expect from the new parts of the "Star Wars"? According to critics, the image of the saga continued, whatever it may be, can not hurt - it is a cult product has gone through more than a dozen years. The popularity of the six parts of the fantastic stories Lucas - a real phenomenon: they are all included in the first hundred of the best movies, the volume of their box-office hit ever since. Lucas has created a unique world, which in turn spawned a huge subculture.
If we talk about the possibilities of Disney, is the result of previous acquisitions, such as the big success of "The Avengers", gives rise to an optimistic attitude.
The head of the studio and producer Lucasfilm "Star Wars" appointed Kathleen Kennedy, on account of which is also quite a lot of successful projects.
The euphoria over the news about the continuation of the cult saga almost overshadowed by the news that the creation of new movies will not lead George Lucas, but the rating expectations Star Wars Episode VII (the working title of the project) has already ascended to heaven.
Disney will remove the sequel to "Star Wars"