Boys and Girls of Fashion Week: new video Vogue

 Highly imaginative Emmanuelle Alt, the current editor of French Vogue, fashion inspired by the past week and once again concocted with her beloved Justin Wu improvised clip with a bunch of models in the frame.

The last time the result of joint efforts by Viola and Wu was a roller-ode to New York under the song Jay-Z and Alicia Kiss "Empire State of Mind". Models walked through the famous and not so big city streets, echoing unpretentious song, and point the finger at the stone buildings of New York City, smiling broadly.

Now the concept has changed somewhat. Star cast models, among which were Olivia Palermo, Alec Wack and Liu Wen, arranges real jam session with electric guitars, drums and a microphone stand on stage and in the streets of the fashion capitals, which recently underwent a fashion week. And all this under Franz Ferdinand "Do You Want To". It turned out defiantly.