Stop! Stop! Stop! Meladze said the dissolution of VIA Gra

 The sad news came from the world of Russian show business. Recognized for several years the sexiest pop trio "VIA Gra" now finally collapsed.

On the dissolution of the main "girly" groups present (at least in Russia and Ukraine) said recently producer of Konstantin Meladze. "In view of the fact that now goes Albina, due to the fact that it will be doing a solo career, I had the feeling that more change on the red-haired redhead, little white at the fair, and then look for the salary, I have neither the strength nor the interest nor the desire. From 1 January 2013, the group disbanded and all "- he said his decision.

Note that the group throughout its existence (which is as much as 13 years) was changed 16 times. Those who have been in the top three, has long been engaged or solo career or family. Albina Dzhanabaeva that Meladze mentioned in his speech, until recently, was considered "old-timers" VIA Gra. But she decided to grow your talent is not in the company of sexy girls and alone. It was this that was the last straw for the producer.