Ooh La La: Paris and fashion bloggers in the video Louis Vuitton

 Louis Vuitton once again pleases its fans a mini-movie about a mini-bags and mini-skirts. A little sun in Paris for those with snow, cold and cloudy.

Under the mischievous and playful French song metropolitan fashionista Miroslava Duma and Blogersha Hanneli Mustaparta and Elin Kling walk, ride bikes and have fun at the French still warm streets. They are things of the latest cruise collection Louis Vuitton, and in the hands of small bright bags with the legendary monogram.

Your choice of models for commercials French brand is explained quite simply. These girls - the embodiment of modern fashion, comfortable, beautiful and unpretentious. Refused the services of supermodels, Louis Vuitton deliberately chose Blogersha that as no one is better versed in fashion, close to the people. But honestly, this industry issues fade into the background when the mood rises just looking for a simple and joyful footage from the new movie.