Diesel showed love for Christmas by hypnosis

 The disappointing results of studies of Finnish researchers, who found that 90% of adults do not feel the magic of the Christmas holidays, Diesel forced to conduct its own experiment. The company decided to enter into hypnosis few volunteers so that they remembered his childhood impressions of Christmas, once again felt the magical atmosphere of the holiday.

Customer loyalty to the brand is so great that they agreed to hypnosis, which swept them into the distant past. Waking up with a self-awareness of 5-year-olds, study participants immediately began to search for gifts, rushed to race down the stairs. Genuine emotions of surprise, frustration, curiosity and expectation of a miracle on the faces of the adults look scary.

The first video of the series The magic of Christmas is called Anticipation.

Video of two hypnosis sessions under the title The Joy and Goodwill will also be posted on the Diesel.