Rodnyanskii will shoot a film about Paul Durov

 Yesterday signed an agreement to transfer the rights to a screen version of the book of Nicholas Kononov "Code Durov" about the creator of the social network "VKontakte".  

Like the idea of ​​a social network "VKontakte", the film will not be a full-fledged Russian know-how. Obviously, the creators are planning to repeat the success of the tape Fincher, 2009 "The Social Network", which will not only be compensated by the budget, but also received a number of prestigious awards, including the "Oscar" for best screenplay.

Undertake work for Alexander Rodnyanskii known Russian producer, who is now actively developing Hollywood. According to him, the picture is complex, serious, but interesting.

The creation of the painting "Code Durov," which is scheduled to release in theaters in 2014, will spend 100-120 million rubles, which is considerably inferior to $ 50 million budget American film.