Brave and warlike Prince Harry

 Prince Harry seriously set out to show the world all its own merits. How else can he win the girl who could match the beauty and virtue with his brother's wife, the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge?

But jokes aside. We are talking about the destruction of one of the commanders of "Taliban".

Prince Harry, known to colleagues as captain of Wales, or, Friendly, Big G. (from "Harry") is serving for the second mission in Afghanistan. As a co-pilot of the helicopter "Apache", he says, including the selection, pointing guns at targets on the ground and striking.

The last operation was a success: as a result of hitting the target (helicopter was put missile "Hellfire") was destroyed by one of the commanders of the Taliban.

It was the first deadly airstrike, which was directly involved grandson of Elizabeth II. Prince Harry will stay in Afghanistan until January 2013, and who knows how many more valiant feats he would be able to commit at this time.