Le Parfum: new fragrance Carven

 In 2009, the creative director of the French house Carven became Guillaume Henry, and one of his first tasks was to find the key flavor, which would become the spirit of Carven. He insisted that the perfume should be easy, elegant and fresh, suitable for every girl. The result is a new fragrance Le Parfum.

Its author was specially invited perfumer Francis Kurkdzhan. Le Parfum is a kind of reference to the classic spirits house Carven 1946 - Ma Griffe.

The composition is based on Le Parfum fragrance of sandalwood, patchouli and osmanthus flowers and includes notes of mandarin, ylang-ylang, jasmine, hyacinth, sweet peas. Packing toilet water - green is the favorite color of the founder of the Carmen de Tommasso.
The aroma is already sold in Paris in Colette, and in Russia novelty will be available only in the middle of spring.