Margaret Thatcher: Life Quotes

 Former Prime Minister and "The Iron Lady" UK died April 8, 2013 - is not to say at what age. Opinions are divided about the Baroness strictly reversed. For some it will be a successful politician, which belonged to the post of prime minister three terms, for others - a political tyrant.

By chance the day of her death in Britain took the hit musical "Billy Elliot," in which the characters, dressing up the Christmas tree, humming: "Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher! Today we are going to have fun, you're another day closer to his death." Today we publish the most cited excerpts from her speeches:

"If a woman understands the problems that arise in the management of the house, and she will understand the problems that arise in the management of the country"

"Society is an illusion. There are some men, some women and families "

"I am extremely patient, provided that in the end everything will come to my mind"

"Of course, it is a banal story. True constantly banal "

Margaret Thatcher: Life Quotes

"We have become a grandmother"

"All men are weak and the weakest - gentlemen."

"Women are much better than men know how to say" no ".

"Rooster, maybe well crows, but the eggs still has chicken"

"If a woman shows character, everyone thinks it" a bad woman ". When does the same man, talking about him: "He's a good guy."

"It is not necessary to agree with the person to find a common language with him"

"90% of our concern for the fact that will never happen"

"Marks and Spencer" won Marx and Engels'

"I do not blame his ministers for what they say too much if they do what I say"

Margaret Thatcher: Life Quotes

Margaret spent more than fifty years married to Denis Thatcher, who fully supported her

"Lying - immodestly. But sometimes it is necessary evasive "

"I'll stay as long as the tire. In the meantime, Britain needs me, I'll never get tired "

"Free cheese is only in a mousetrap"

"Until I came here, I drove by the local cinema, and realized that I was waiting for you, because the poster was written:" The Mummy Returns ".

Margaret Thatcher: Life Quotes

"Always look in your eyes! Then people will remember you "