Extreme Measures: Inna Zhirkov took the crown

 Inna Zhirkov believes that the crown of the contest "Mrs. Russia 2012" magic if it is removed, then five million people forget funny movie that they watched on YouTube.  

Interview with Inna Zhirkov, which was an episode of the film "royals" Boris Sobolev, made her popular husband - Russian football team. The film itself so shocked excitement. He hoped that the very different facts, which he reveals in his film, will attract attention. For example, that all the "royal" corrupt business, and possibly yourself, you can purchase any title. But the Russian public news about bribes for a long time not getting through! It is those three minutes when Inna can not cope with the issues that have just insulted the children in the transmission Tina Kondelaki "most intelligent", so cheered the audience. It turned out that in the universe of Inna Zhirkov star sun revolves around the planet Earth, and Agnes Barto and Samuel Marshak does not exist.

After numerous references to the light version of the brain Ina, she fell into a depression. Sobolev, how could Mrs. supported Russia, saying that she was beautiful and nice person, but Zhirkov has gone to extreme measures - renounced his crown! It will affect the situation and Yuri have to score an own goal in the final match of the national team to take the bad talk about his wife, time will tell. Or "Time" as the first channel gladly picked up the theme developed by Sobolev on the next button.