CC-Cream: a new hit Clinique

 In recent years, more and more cosmetics tends to be multi-functional. Women are increasingly choosing cosmetic products with several functions, and the success of bb-cream - a good example. Clinique brand has launched a new easy adjustment CC Cream, which under the force will be the next big hit after BB.

Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 Colour Correcting Skin Protector - Skin Tone Corrector, which moisturizes and protects. The main feature of the new CC-cream - its composition. Double Layer optical particle to scatter light tone adjustments in the face in all directions, which instantly creates a visual effect of well-groomed, radiant skin.

The main difference from BB CC is the presence of translucent optical particle lavender hue, which allow not dot mask imperfections and uniformly adjust and align the complexion, giving skin a natural glow, dissipating the light.

The cream contains hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin quickly, trehalose and sorbitol, which help retain moisture. The structure of the formula also includes sunscreen (SPF 30) which protect the skin from the rays of UVA / UVB and thereby help prevent visible signs of aging. Antioxidants in the formula Clinique Superdefense protect the skin from external aggressors and help her to stay healthy.

CC Cream has a light texture that is pleasant and gently caresses the skin, softening and smoothing it. It can be used both independently and as a base for make-up. The cream will be available in three colors, which are suitable for most skin tones. Shade does not tarnish and does not darken, staying fresh throughout the day.

In the sale of novelty is expected in June 2013.