Top-5 alcoholic drinks that scientists do not drink

 Scientists such scientists only to keep up with their endless discoveries. One should not wash more than twice a week because disturbed acid-base balance, and protect the body weakens. Others advise to hide away the morning yogurt with table, because on an empty stomach good from him do not wait. From the latter - a list of popular alcoholic drinks that are evil.

I must say that is not quite clear what is still open about the dangers of alcohol, scientists need to do so that people began to drink it less or stop drinking altogether. It is well known, for example, that the female body is contraindicated alcohol at all, because it has an accumulative effect. If a man still somehow can clean up bad habits for the birth of a child, a woman, each dose of alcohol - a blow to the reproductive system.

At this time, American scientists from Indiana University School of Medicine, was named the most dangerous type of alcohol - beer. And the reason for that - the pleasure hormone dopamine, which is produced by the consumption of beer and provokes highly addictive. I should add that a long time ago, it was found that beer contributes to the development of the female hormone, which is why the beer man is beginning to take female form.

Following in the rankings alcoholic beer wine and cocktails, which are composed of different types of alcohol and cause a special harm to the body.

In the black list was not without a glass of champagne, which doctors say, because carbon dioxide is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and provokes rotting in the gut.

Past, scientists and liquor from the high content of sugar in it suffers from the pancreas. In this list, surprisingly not enough data about the dangers of vodka and whiskey. But it probably is the default. After all, even according to GOST 1972 ethyl alcohol (ie - all the alcohol) refers to hard drugs.


Top-5 alcoholic drinks that scientists do not drink

Boring but useful observation: most importantly, know when to stop around!