The population of the planet stupid because intelligent women

 Recently, psychologists have made an unusual discovery. They reported that Western civilization has entered the road of intellectual regression. But even this is not interesting, but the fact that blame the woman, and smart.

Given an order to compare the mental development of the present generation and the generations of the Victorian era, researchers conducted a series of complex investigations. It turned out that the people who lived in the period between 1837 and 1900, were an order of magnitude more intelligent than our contemporaries. Firstly, the Victorian era distinguished string of important discoveries and production of a large number of geniuses. Second, researchers have found that with each decade IQ, relatively speaking, "Western man" steadily decreased by 1, 23 points. And over the last century and did decreased by 14, 1 points.

But as they say, cherchez la femme. Scientists blame the smart women. It would seem - where is the logic in this contradictory statements? But the explanation for this phenomenon is quite logical. Researchers cite the following reasons. They say that modern stupid woman, as a rule, do not particularly think about in order to have children, if not refuse this idea, preferring career. Thus, children are less intelligent women begin to dominate. Respectively, and low IQ was also transmitted to their descendants.